Friday, March 19, 2010

Duramaar's Reverie (Vignette)

Duramaar the Erotopath lounged sullenly on her exquisite divan imported at great expense from some world beyond the Mugallo Arches or the Sea Gates -- she couldn't care less which it was -- called Talibarr by an unlikely looking trio of tiny creatures that referred to themselves as 'drijj.' She was unclear as to whether they meant their race, tribal affiliation, or familial relationship to one another, but really, it didn't matter. They were ugly, extremely minor urfolk from some world that had gotten itself lost for half a millennium somehow and was only now beginning to attempt to reconnect with other realms and principalities. Whatever their aesthetic failings on a personal level, the drijj did seem to have a sublime mastery of the arts of submissiveness and obsequiousness. No doubt they would get killed within the week.

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