Sunday, June 6, 2010

Twilight on the Zonges River (Vignette)

On a clear twilight in the early summer in the Northern Hemisphere of Seleucis, you can hear the frogs singing and the insects whirring while you fall asleep on a lily-pad raft poled along by Liteng river-guides. The lampbeetles and flylights have all been shooed-away, back into their baskets and tinted jars along the edges of the lily-pad raft so you can better soak-in the luxurious jade of the deepening dark. The humidity isn't so bad, once you get used to it, and you never knew that trees could be quite so fragrant. Now you know why scentificers from Noss are known to come to Seleucis seeking after rare scents and aromatic herbs. You drift off to sleep as the River Zonges laps against the lily-pad raft, gently rocking it like a cradle. Maybe you shouldn't have had that third shroom-beer, but it was oh so good. Night descends and so do you, into a deep, relaxing sleep. What dreams might come to you in a place like this?

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