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The High Tombs of Yuddoth: Index to Episodes

The High Tombs of Yuddoth

Quick Synopsis
Skran is a scholar from Devukarsha, the City of Tiers on Riskail. He was defrocked for academic heresy and had to flee the Chancellor's assassins after being placed under censure by the Board of Regents. Not having very much time to prepare for his headlong flight, Skran quickly found himself abandoned by an  unscrupulous Oodkan caravan master alongside the high road to Gilpoy. Not being inclined to enter into the realm of pugilists and gladiatorial athletes, Skran went off-road, on foot across the dreary lowland wastes until he reached the scrubby, scabby foothills of Low Yuddoth. There he entered into the service of some of the local 'Lords' and attempted to act as a tutor to their heirs and other spawnage. That didn't last very long before Skran incurred the wrath of a very unethical, violent and unforgiving local tyrant. He ran away, again. Only this time Skran had nowhere to run to, no real choice, so he climbed up the steep cliffs towards the High Tombs of Yuddoth, a place no one sane would ever have gone.

One thing to keep in mind about Skran is that he has a tendency to say things that more polite people might hesitate to say. He has a habit of inflicting his wit upon those least equipped to appreciate it, perhaps as some sort of deep-seated inability on his part to abide misappropriated authority or to suffer fools gladly. To quote:
"Unfortunately those individuals most likely to experience Skran's scathing wit first-hand were most often the very people least equipped to appreciate his expertise and simultaneously those most inclined to take offense at his abrasive honesty, biting commentary and encyclopedic facility for insult. It was a gift, a way he had with people. And now his gift with such things had resulted in his being forced to flee into the most inhospitable region known to civilization, completely unprepared and ill-equipped for the extreme conditions."
We hope that you enjoy the continuing adventures of Skran in Yuddoth.

The Episodes
  1. Episode One
  2. Episode Two
  3. Episode Three
  4. Episode Four
  5. Episode Five
  6. Episode Six
  7. Episode Seven
  8. Episode Eight
  9. Episode Nine

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