Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rist: An Index Page (Rist-Dex)

Rist is a tiny little drijj wandering the ruins of a massive urban complex that sprawls across seven interconnected moons in orbit around the Gas Giant Shuubra. These moons make up the Talibarrian Archipelago. Roughly five hundred years ago the gates to the Outside were hacked and taken offline by a group of radical xenophobic extremists known only as The Azure Wrath. They didn't survive the carnage and violence they set into motion.

Few did.

The Infrastructure within the Talibarrian Archipelago only functions partially, incompletely. The Sea Gates still link the seas of the seven moons into an integrated macro-ecology. Many of the Tower-Arcologies carry on, but most of them are still sealed and awaiting orders to re-open their doors to the outside. It is a fragmented place. Balkanized. Broken. A jumble of barbarism and superstition that encircles and besieges the foundations of gleaming Towers and broken Domes alike.

Rist is a drijj. The drijj are small beings, insignificant and beneath the notice of most others. Even the feral spiders who have taken over the canals tend to ignore the drijj. They are spectacularly inedible. Useless. The cast-offs of those who are themselves cast-off. The lowest of the low.

But the drijj were created.

Rist has a story. He just has to let it find him...


Episode One
Episode Two
Episode Three
Episode Four
Episode Five
Episode Six

Rist's New Friend 
Episode One
Episode Two
Episode Three

Background Materials for Rist
Genocultures: drijj
Overview of the Talibarrian Archipelago

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